At The Hurley Law Firm, P.C., we believe it is imperative to support our community by offering public interest litigation representation. We fight for your rights against government entities.

Public interest litigation may include fighting for environmental protection or to assist you with correcting something the government did or wants to do that could adversely affect you and the community.

Examples of public interest matters

Matters that might be of public interest include a situation where a government project will destroy a wooded area which is a habitat to an endangered species of birds. It could apply to circumstances where something the government is doing is leading to air or water pollution. You could bring a case against an entity that is infringing on your rights through the use of eminent domain.

The issue with public interest litigation

While you certainly have the right to fight against an injustice, it is not always easy to bring a lawsuit against a government entity. Governments will often try to get such cases thrown out of court by using the Eleventh Amendment, which the Legal Information Institute explains states that nobody can use the federal court system to bring a lawsuit against a state government without the state’s consent. They also often claim they are doing no wrong and there is no basis for a lawsuit.

Since the state has many attorneys working for it, such lawsuits can take many years to conclude. However, we know how to deal with these cases to bring them to conclusion and reach an agreement that is successful.

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