You trust the food you eat to be safe and not cause you to get sick. However, stories about food recalls seem to be quite common in the news these days in Tennessee. Seeing all of these recalls may make you think twice before buying any food item, but you have to eat. What can you do to make sure the food you buy is safe? The first thing to do is understand food recalls and what they really mean. 

The International Food Information Council Foundation explains there are three classes of food recalls. It is important to understand each of them because they will explain the seriousness of the issue that triggered the removal of the food item from the market. The least severe is a Class III. The issue is something that could cause a potential problem but is not likely to be a risk to your health. A Class II is something that could cause a temporary health issue. The most severe is a Class I that could lead to serious health issues and even death. 

A food recall is a voluntary movement on behalf of a company to remove its products from the market. Alternatively, the government may issue a recall. Typically, the USDA or FDA would issue the recall on a food item. It depends on how the issues with the item come to light. 

Food manufacturers may notice an issue as part of regular quality control processes. They may also hear from consumers about an issue. Consumers may also report problems to the government. Safety inspections by government agencies may also turn up issues. This information is for education and is not legal advice.