There are many reasons to love riding a motorcycle, particularly riding one on the beautiful endless roadways and Tennessee. Drivers across the United States come to our state to enjoy the incredible scenery and the joy of the open road. While driving a motorcycle can be addicting, it is no secret that motorcycle riding is also a very dangerous pastime. Thus, in order to avoid becoming a statistic, it is important to drive with caution on the roads and do all you can to be safe. In fact, according to Autowise, one of the best ways to avoid an accident on a motorcycle is to pretend that you are invisible.

What this is referring to is the fact that many people who are driving four-wheeled vehicles are not looking for motorcycles. Given that motorcycles have a far slimmer profile as compared to a traditional automobile, they are not as readily visible. This means that it is important for you to keep your head on a swivel and ensure that you see the movements of all the vehicles around you, even if they cannot see you. Assuming that you are invisible to other drivers will help put you in a defensive driving state of mind.

Additionally, while wearing black is typically associated with motorcycle riders, we recommend that you put down the black leather jacket and pick up something in neon yellow. Wearing bright colors will go a long way toward making you more visible to other motorists. Again, in most car-automobile accidents, the driver of the automobile will say that they did not see the motorcyclist. Again, it is not too facetious to say that motorcyclists should drive as if they are invisible.