Navigating Knoxville’s zoning ordinances can be a nightmare. And the stakes can be high for those who are deemed to have gone astray form those regulations. In fact, a violation of zoning laws can result in massive fines that can leave a business devastated. But that’s not all. The government may also require a business to remove a structure form the property in question, which can be an expensive endeavor.

For the last three years, Knoxville has been looking to revamp its existing zoning laws. These changes may have significant ramifications for property owners, and it may effect how businesses operate. The current zoning laws, which are 60 years old, are outdated and don’t always meet the needs of the local population. This is significant considering they currently dictate what can be built where. These regulations even deal with things like appropriate lighting.

Although city planners have been working with a consulting firm to create multiple drafts of the proposed changes, it looks like the issue is going to be stalled again. Despite having more than 80 public meetings to discuss the proposed changes, many still want more time to fully analyze the proposed changes and look at how they are applied to the city’s map. One of the biggest proposed changes that is getting some attention is the increase of mixed-use zones and the banning of new mobile home parks.

One part of being successful in business is being able to navigate the local zoning laws. This can be challenging task, especially when the laws are in a constant state of flux. This is why Knoxville area businesses may want to consult with an attorney who is experienced in this area of the law before proceeding with a commercial lease, purchase or development. Only then can they avoid the potential penalties that come with zoning violations.