Previously on this blog we discussed the remedies that can be sought for breach of contract. In many cases, those who have been wronged seek compensation for their financial losses. Then, they may either seek to continue the contract or rescind it so that no further obligations are owed. Proving breach of contract and recovering this compensation may sound easy enough, but the truth is that it can actually be quite complicated. Parties to the agreement may have differing accounts of the event that is alleged to have caused a breach, and the terms of the contract itself may be vague or ambiguous.

When breach of contract leads to losses, legal action is justified. However, those who have been wronged need to make sure they have the best evidence possible before moving forward with a claim. This may mean collecting all pertinent documentation and correspondence, and discussing the events in question with potential witnesses. Only then can a wronged party best position itself for success during settlement negotiations and trial.

Likewise, those who have been accused of breaching a contract need to make sure they are doing everything they can to protect themselves. After all, while their financial health may be on the line, so, too, may their reputation. A court finding that one has breached a contract can be bad for business, making it difficult to engage in similar business in the future.

All of this is to say that breach of contract issues require competent legal advocacy. A skilled business litigation team, like the one at The Hurley Law Firm, know how to gather the evidence needed to build a compelling case, and apply the law to those facts to make legally persuasive arguments. Our team is well-adept at negotiating resolution in these cases, but we’re also not afraid to take these matters to trial if needed. In the end, we want to protect our clients’ interests. Our record of success in this area of the law is a testament to our ability to do so with vigor.